Thursday, 13 October 2016


Now that the geese have arrived here in their droves, the weather is starting to turn slightly colder....the evenings are drawing in quicker (it's now dark here at 7pm!) and it is taking longer for the sun to emerge in the mornings...  All of this means I'm up when it is dark (which I hate!) and tired as soon as it is dark in the early evening!  I can't complain though, as we have had a cracking summer that only seemed to finish last weekend!!  Think I have been spoilt that it has gone on late into October, but I just didn't want it to end :( ......

The geese that come to the fields of Norfolk are Brent geese, and here are a few pictures I have taken in the past, and couple of facts about them that I have found on t'internet... (copy and paste time!)

This is one of the fields near my house where they tend to land and chatter very loudly!!

I will try and get some up to date pictures of them, and closer ones as well if I can, but if you're interested, here are a few facts I found out about them (

Brent Goose Branta bernicla

The dark-bellied subspecies of the brent goose is one of the characteristic birds of Norfolk’s coastal saltmarshes in winter. Tens of thousands of these confiding, conversational birds visit the county every year, fleeing the harsh winter in their arctic Russian breeding grounds.

Conservation status

The brent goose is amber-listed in the UK on account of its localised wintering population and the fact that a significant non-breeding population occurs here. Norfolk is one of the best places in the country for seeing large numbers of the dark-bellied subspecies of the brent goose.
Off to make a cuppa now, and maybe put the heating on.....