Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A New Start......

Hello, and welcome to Busy Little Chicken's blog-coop!! This is a new thing for me, so don't be expecting too much!!

Hopefully I shall be sharing with you my day to day peckings, things I've made, things I've seen and thought 'Oohh, that's nice!', things that I see for sale on Etsy (where I have just set up a small shop!), and photo's of general stuff that catches my eye!!  

The picture above is from a lovely walk on Sunday, cannot believe that the weather is sooo good (a slight chill in the air, but no coat was worn!!) These woods are just a short drive from me, and I'm often wandering around with my dog/family.  The changing colours just amaze me, and with the sunlight oozing through the trees and onto the fallen leaves, the smile just never leaves my face!! I probably look like a mad woman to anyone who walks past me!! (I did get some odd looks!)

Hope you are still awake, and I'll try and keep my musings short and sweet, so you don't fall asleep at the computer!!

Thanks for visiting me, and I'll post something very soon.......

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