Sunday, 5 February 2012

                              A Cold Start......

What a lovely sight to wake up to this morning!! It had started to snow last night (about 10ish) but I really didn't think it would settle, and be as deep!!  Normally, as we live by the sea, it doesn't stay quite as long, but it is still here....not sure if school will be on tomorrow!! (I'm sure I hear some 'whoop, whooping' around me!)

I should be getting on with soooo much stuff, but today, with the fire going, wine in the glass, dinner cooking, I'm finding it much easier to gaze out at the wonderful sight of snow on the fields and trees, and watch the birds munch their way through the large amount of food I have put out for them!   Oh, and also drying the clothes wet from playing in the snow (that includes mine :)!!)  Oh well, from a cold start, 

         comes a tasty ......


    and warm end to the day.......


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  1. Nice pictures. I love snow, especially untouched pure vistas - my car is covered and stuck - so will not be going anywhere till it melts. The joys of living at the bottom of a slope!! Only a couple of hundred feet or so and the main road is clear - crazy.


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