Wednesday, 10 October 2012


A bit too cold....

this morning!!  A bit of a bad photo I know,  it was 6.48am!!!!, BUT..... that is ICE on my roof!!!  I have been trying to keep the heating off until the last minute, and I think that I am very soon going to loose that battle  (at least for the evenings or early mornings  :(....)....

Strangely enough, if you look carefully at the edge of the roof. you can see the sunflowers that I photographed for Blogtoberfest 7th!!!  The sun flowers are still looking fine though and the weather during the day has been fantastic!!!  But as it is October, and the evenings are getting cooler, I have relented to at least light the fire in the main room....and if I light it tomorrow, I will make sure that I have enough battery left in my camera to show you all!!!

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  1. Brrrr, we dont have an open fire, but we've had the central heating on mornings and evenings for a couple of weeks now, even though we haven't had any frosty mornings, yet!


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