Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Feels like a million years ago, but at the end of October, we headed off to France to see my brother, sister-in-law and their brood, in the beautiful South, and then headed north back up to Paris to see my eldest, who is currently studying at Orsay university.  A very quick and tiring trip, but a most enjoyable one at that!!!

We got the train to Stanstead, and flew down to Carcassone...I just had to take a snap of this roll at Stanstead Airport, is it just me or can you see a face?

Just arriving at the edge of France....I think these clouds followed us all the way...
 Looking around......
 The river which is close to my brother/sister-in-law's was quite chilly while we were there but apparently, when we left to go home to England, the weather changed back to being sunny!!!
 We appeared to have taken the bad weather with us .. :(    this is the view from our hotel window in Paris
 The Eiffel tower at night.  It lights up and seems to sparkle on the hour which was an amazing sight from our window, but probably much better near by....(my camera wasn't up to much, so sorry for the bad pictures)
 During the day (black and white shot) still cloudy and quite cool....
Zoomed in version .....
 Yep, we brought the cheap key rings as well!!!
 Travelled everywhere in Paris on the Metro...

Sadly my camera didn't seem to want to work very well, and I do have loads of pics of the usual Paris haunts, as well as some odd ones, but they will only be for my eyes......I really do need to save up and buy another camera!!!
Oh, and following up from my last post, Gill, glad you received and liked your notebook and cover!! 


  1. Yes, I can see a face!
    I love Paris, Rog and I went there for our honeymoon, way back sometime in the last century! How lucky for your son/daughter(?) to be studying there.
    Joy xx

    1. We went there years ago (pre kids!!) and still love it now! I can even match up some of the photos I took then to now!! :)

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  3. Some lovely Eiffel shots there, I'm off to France for Christmas, so excited I can hardly wait!!

  4. Pictures look great to me. That sandwich looks like a flattened frog.

  5. really cool. i like the photo between the buildings. :)

  6. Oh yes I can see the smiling face in that sandwich. :))
    Great pictures from Paris - it is a lovely place to visit.

  7. Beautiful scenes and shots from France. And I do see the face, it is staring right at me. Thanks for sharing your trip.


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