Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent Catch Up - Days 14 and 15

Sorry again, but I find weekends the hardest time to get on here to add to blog....but anyway, I found the decorations, the tree lights and the tinsel, and we put up the tree!!!!  Yaaaaayyyy, Christmas is eventually in my living room........

It looks better here than the picture, honest!! (especially now that the lights are on and it is dark out!!)
Now I have to  put up the paper ceiling decorations, that I spent ages trying to find last year.  They remind me of my childhood.....

And these little 'corn' decorations I found in the back of my car.....I think they had been there for a few years, and I just kept moving the about.....this is the first year I have used them, so I will pop back and show you how I used them....

 And lastly, this hyacinth was supposed to be for a Christmas present, but it has already bloomed....the one to the right of it is fine though.....
See you again tomorrow with some decoration pics!! : )


  1. Yay! The tree is up, looking forward to seeing your corn dollies in use x

  2. I find it very difficult to photograph the Christmas tree. It always looks better in the flesh than in the photo. Love the decorations.
    Love from Mum

  3. Fabulous decorated tree, love the pictures.

    Hugs diane

  4. We decided against putting up the tree this year but we will have other things out instead. I recognise those paper streamers too. hugs Mrs A.


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