Monday, 27 January 2014

Bad Weather Day...

What else is there to do on a day when the rain doesn't stop, and the wind is too my new gardening magazine!! 
 I couldn't resist buying it with all these free seeds....
 Am looking forward to these...
 And of course, it had Chickens in it, even more reason to purchase it.....
 I wish...
 One day....not sure they would stand up to the winds we get here though...
 And I might even have a go at raised beds this year on my allotment....
Well, after a good look through, and a lot of dreaming, it is still raining outside.....back to earth, better go and make some dinner!!!


  1. Have enjoyed browsing through your garden magazine with you!!! Actually it reminds me of when I'm visiting my sister in Lincs. We'd have a cup of tea together ,browse through her gardening mag....and then off to a gardening centre. Its great shopping in a gardening centre in the UK . It has everything practically!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Think I'll have to look for this issue as we have had 2 raised beds built in our back garden x
    Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  3. wouldn't withstand the winds in texas, either. :)

  4. Those free seeds look good, it would be lovely to get out in the garden again soon, roll on spring xx

  5. I am with you I read all sorts of gardening magazine hoping that might improve the weather. spring will be here soon.

    Hugs diane

  6. I saw this mag but didn't buy it as I couldn't look inside first, now you have shown me I just might lol, thank you. xx

  7. Nothing like a magazine to read on a cold and wet day:) The tomatoes look scrumptious, I look forward to seeing your harvest of them


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