Sunday, 8 March 2015

Next Project.....Ms Hare.....

This is my next sewing project....using up recycled and left over material that I have had lying around for a while!!  All she is waiting for is a face and some clothes....oh, and a name!!!  Not sure what will happen to her after that though.....but she is starting to look quite cute I think!!! 

Sorry about the mess in the back ground, but my "studio" (I use the term loosely!!) is always messy, it is just how I work!! :)

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  1. Hello BLC, welcome back to blogland. To be perfectly honest, when I looked at your photos all I saw was the lovely Ms. Hare, didn't notice the background at all - I guess 'cos my studio looks very much the same when I'm working.
    Joy x x


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