Thursday, 15 December 2011


Ohhh, sorry, these are toooo yummy to not divulge... I found this somewhere on the internet, so it is not my own (no copyright probs please!!!)    O.K....... The ingredients are:-....(sorry, I am quite a greedy, foody preson, so these amounts have already been doubled!!)

100g self-raising flour
Healthy pinch of cayenne
50g softened butter
160g finely grated red leicester (but I have used ordinary chedder and it is fine!)
40g freshly grated parmesan

Small amount of salt / pepper to taste

Add these ingredients to a food processor, (easy, eh!)  and mix together.  I tend to add a small amount of milk or water to bind it, but I have found that it shouldn't be too wet.  When it has all bound together, or looks like it will do when you take it out of the processor, put onto floured surface and roll quite thinly.  Cut out your preffered shape, (I chose stars, but I have done round ones, so any thing you like really!!) and put them onto a greased, or non-stick or lined tray for about 10 mins.  They may take less time, so do check on them after about 5-6 mins!!  (sadly I have been caught out by leaving them for 10 mins, but my oven is a bit un-predictable!!)  When they are just golden, take out and put on wire rack to cool down.  Once cool, they are fine to put into a tupperware thing, or a tin, but usually in my house, they get eaten too quick to save!!
Hopefully, you can let me know how they came out!! But if you like cheese biscutes, they should be fine!!
Happy Eating!!

(p.s.  I am going to try using plain flour, because sometimes the biscuits 'bubble' up slightly, but I'll let you know how I get on!)


  1. Excellent - I will give these a go. And I'm all for doubling up quantities!

  2. Thanks, Kath and Annie, they really are worth making!! A bowl of them and some red wine or tea, stilton cheese etc.... and anything good on the TV while munching .....mmmmmmm quite heavenly!!! :) I hope you make and enjoy!! x

  3. These look lovely - hubby would love them - another thing to try in the new year

  4. Hey hun, there is a link in my sidebar to flickr group if you can manage it but just blogging is fine if you give me a shout when you post xx


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