Friday, 2 December 2011

A New Idea!!!

Whilst playing with fabric and paints, (a pleasurable but rare past time of mine !!) I had an idea!!  I have been making fabric covered notebooks for a while now, which can be personalised according to taste (see this example...  ), and have two of these in my bag at all times!  One A6 size for shopping lists, and the other for weird ideas that I get as I'm wandering around the shops/woods/park etc....(you know what I mean...:)  )  Any way, when I'm walking my dog in the woods, everything gets thrown into my rather large bag (sorry, another thing I made with some great fabric from Ikea!! Will post pic soon!!) and at the end of the walk, I always have trouble finding .......yep, you've guessed it!!  KEYS!!!!    Sooooo, on my route home, the thought hit me that if I had a larger keyring,  I could find them in my giant bag easier??!!!   Well, without waffling on any more, here is the token key fob, hand drawn,painted, and printed on to cotton fabric.... What do you think???  I know the photos are not my best to say the least : (, the light is very bad here at dusk!! Do you think it's worth listing on Etsy or similar sites??  If you would like one, (I am going to make a car one...) please let me know .....

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  1. Hi there- youa sked where to get and what is Mod Podge-from my snow candles tutorial. Mod Podge is a glue and sealant all in one, and is very easy to work with. It can be bought online, or at almost any craft shop. As an alternative, you could use regular white school glue, but it just doesn't dry at nicely-a bit tacky in my opinion. However I have heard if you water it down a bit it works great. Let me know what you do. :o) xx cheers


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