Monday, 23 April 2012

                         ALLOTMENT TRIALS.....

I've been absent on here for a while now (didn't realise quite how long though!!) and although I've found time to browse through everyone else's blogs, I just couldn't get the 'umpf' to write my own!  Well, hopefully I'm back on track........

I recently (well, Jan/Feb!) acquired half an allotment.  Doesn't sound very big I know, but when I actually ventured down (a few weeks ago, on a rare day of sun), and stood there with my small spade, rake, and fork in my hands, I suddenly realised what I had taken on!!  It seemed such a good idea at the time, but hey ho, reality check taken on board...I'll just get on with it as best as I can!


Luckily it had been ploughed so I was quite glad that I didn't have to go straight into digging it over.  Well, I took these pics, then bravely picked up my spade, along with my newly acquired 'Early' potatoes (below) and begun the arduous task of planting them!!  

                                                                    and  TADAHHHH!!

 Well, the above pic shows my hard work!  See the bamboo sticks?  They represent four rows of the afore mentioned 'Early' potatoes, approximately 8 spuds in each row, and they should be ready by June/July if I'm lucky!  It doesn't look much I know, and I bet all the other allotment holders are smirking at my tiny effort, but I'm proud of what I have done so far....

I also planted up some seeds into pots (courgettes, peppers, toms, beetroot and some sweet peas as I must have flowers!) and they are now ready to plant on but the weather has been abysmal, with cold and rain keeping me indoors....

 The colourful array of seed packets above are just waiting to be planted!! Do you notice that the sun is shining in this photo????   Anyhoo, new compost needs to be brought and if the weather warms up a bit, I can get on with it!  I so love planting seeds, and watching everyday for new life to begin, and I even write down the dates, weather conditions etc in a special little book......its sounds a bit sad now, writing it on here, but I hope someone understands me.....

I'm off now to go to Yoga class,  followed by some serious housework, only because yet again, it's raining!!!!


  1. I will follow your endeavours with interest

    1. Thanks Chrissy, aren't you going away soon? :)

  2. Well done you for taking on an allotment, very rewarding. My pots are still waiting to go in their pot bags! Looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Thanks Karen, knowing that this is being read, makes me keep up with the hard work!!

  3. Just found your blog via Joy :)

    Well done for taking on an allotment. Will follow your progress with interest.

    For the first time, my husband has been planting veggies in raised beds in our garden. We have ummed and ahhed about putting our name down for a 1/2 allotment but, never having had anyone in our families with an allotment it seems a bit daunting!!

    As you say ..... the weather has been terrible in the UK but I was wondering how you've been doing? We have managed to harvest a few raddishes :)

    1. Hi Elaine, I only have 1/2 allotment, and have to say I wish I could have a 1/4!! Hard work, but hopefully it'll be worth it!! I was down there yesterday, so will report on here how I got on!!......... :)


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