Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monthly make for May 2012.....

Still managing to keep up with this monthly make I joined in with at http://thefeltfairyuk.blogspot.co.uk/   albiet  last minute entries!!  Today, I was looking for something in my cupboard when I got distracted by this fabric, which I have had for YEARS....so, as I really don't like the green broken plastic dog bed we have, and I have an old quilt going spare.......a new dog bed seemed to be a good idea!!!    

 Sewed the two pieces together, added an old zip (another thing I have had for YEARS!!!).....


   stuffed it with the old quilt, 

and TA DAH!!!  It seems to be a hit!!! 

I think it seems to be a winner...
  And something else has been removed from my cupboard of rubbish!!! I really should stop hoarding things.......


  1. Bloody hell…Dame must be related to Luna, they look so alike! She looks very cosy but a wee bit wary there, did you forget to take the pins out! Bless her, Luna would have that destroyed in 10 seconds :)

    1. I just found out that she'd eaten my last bits of dark chocolate, hence the wary look.....hmmmmmm

  2. lol re the chocolate, Dame's new bed looks lovely and cosy. xx


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