Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Allotment update.......

Just a quick update on the allotment front.....last time I posted was 22nd May!!!! My, how time flies......well, today being the 5th June, and the end of the 'Jubilee' celebrations, I sneaked down there to weed and see what was going on.  I actually haven't been there for nearly two weeks, which is bad, bad, bad :(......

 Any hoo.....things WERE as bad as I thought!!!  Weeds seem to be winning at the moment, so out came the push hoe etc,  and battle commenced!!  I have to admit I did have some help today, as my youngest decided to come with me!  He actually done really well, and I was very grateful to have him down there!! I managed to find my beetroots, carrots, and onions, the potatoes are showing themselves through the weeds, so I'm leaving them well alone while I concentrate on the smaller beings in the mud (i.e, the carrots, beetroot etc...)  

The greenhouse in my garden (which has been sorely neglected for the past couple of years), was given a new lease of life.....I put down a small brick path, filled up the sides with compost (my chickens had been using it to dust bath in!) and planted up my tomato and pepper plants! Oh, and two strawberry plants that I brought!!


Also potted up some more courgette plants (as the allotment ones took a beating) and these have come up trumps!!  Soon to be transported to the allotment for a second chance!!!

And these are the remaining peppers I have left!! I can't believe that all the seeds I planted have come up!! I'll be passing these on to someone hopefully, as there are far too many for the greenhouse.......

Anyway, must go as I have received a parcel through the post, which is from a swap I'm in via Misi......at last, something good through the post!! I'll let you know what it is soon..... :)


  1. OOh you do have some patience - hopefully all your hard work will come to fruition later in the year - good exercise if nothing else!!

    1. Ha Ha, I think the patience is some what shortening, but as you say, the exercise is good!!! :)


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