Tuesday, 1 May 2012

No Rain Today!!!!

Well,  I couldn't believe it!!  Today, (Monday 30th April!) it has stopped raining, the sun is shining and there is only a few white clouds scattered around the perfectly blue sky!!!  All weekend we have been stuck in doors, going mad with boredom and driving each other crazy (TV's on, piano playing, guitar playing, washing machine going, etc etc....)

Soooo, today is the perfect day to get back to my allotment and see what has occurred with all the rain we have had....oh dear.....

       Weeds had overtaken BIG TIME!!   'Oh well' I thought, 'best get on with it while the sun shines'....
                                                                          so I did!!

  I worked really hard with a push hoe, and ploughed through it like a woman possessed!!  I was soo glad that no one else was down there to watch me, 'cause by the time I had gone up and down quite a few times, I was sweating profusely, and probably looking like I was about to collapse!!     What a way to work out though,  better than any gym I'd ever been to!!  Here it is, half way through.....

 The four rows of spuds planted last time are very weed covered, but I'm not sure how to remove them, so I just hoe'd in between them until the spuds come up.
With all the rain we have had,  (some VERY heavy), my poor little courgette plants took a real beating, and I have lost 3 of them, but the ones left are looking quite resilient...

                         A much needed break for tea, and a sit down...

before raking over the previously 'hoe'd' ground to make it ready for my beetroot plants (above).  I grew these in pods as a trial, and transplanted them into the ground, covered with cut up plastic bottles to protect them from any birds/rabbits.  And just in case the don't survive the transplant, I have done a row of seeds directly into the ground (to the right of the plastic bottles).  On the left of the beetroot, I have a row of carrots.  It was the first chance I had to get these in, as apart from the rain, the wind has been a bit wild, so everyone else would have carrots apart from me!! (by the way, sadly that 'green' house in the picture is not mine)

Whilst sitting down on my plastic pallet (not very glam,.I have to admit, but a seat it is!!) I am lucky enough to have a pretty blossom tree next to me to look at, which makes a change from mud!!

   After a bit more work, a quick check on the water butt (which is totally overflowing!!),

    I sit down for another cup of tea,with biscuits this time (as I feel that I've earned them!),

                                 and take a good long look at my hard work.   

I still have quite a lot of weeding to do (as you can see) but so long as it doesn't rain too hard, I can get back at the weekend, and plant a lot more seeds that I have.......until then........I think I'll go and have some more tea!!!!


  1. My heart goes out to you…my patch is an nth of yours and I'm struggling!
    There is something wonderful about doing battle with rampaging weeds and winning, however. Makes you feel an all powerful, conquering hero…until the next time the gits have taken over :)

    1. This 'conquering hero' will be back there again with another battle with out a doubt!! (providing my back doesn't give out!!)

  2. Wow you have been busy - hope it is all worthwhile in the end.

  3. You have done very well ..... and certainly deserved those biscuits!


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