Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The rain has ceased for a short while.......

so I have taken the chance to wander down to the allotment for a few hours...things need planting, weeds need to be hoed and got rid of,  seeds  need to be sorted, etc., etc., so 'get on with it!!'  I say to myself...

Well, the weeds had made a comeback, but nothing me and my push hoe couldn't  handle!!

After a good few rows of 'hoeing', (I must admit I did have a bit of help, my youngest did a lot of hoeing!) we managed to clear quite a space!

 The beetroot 'plugs' I planted last week, and covered with plastic water bottles, are doing quite well, even though I say so myself!

                                                          As you can see (above)

                  These are the remainder of the onion sets that have been planted...

And these are the first sightings of the 'early' new potatoes!!  At least they haven't died yet!!

                And as always, I must have cup tea and a quick write up of what I have planted...... And below is one last look at my small allotment as it appears now ( as before, sadly the 'greenhouse' is not mine :(  !), but the weeds are!!!

 The three and a half rows that your can see wet are, another row of carrots, one row of onion sets, 1/2 row red onion sets, 1/2 row salad onions and a 1/2 row of raddish!!

 Oh,  and this is one of the things I have been trying to protect my small crop from..... one HUGE pigeon!!!

                                                 He looks awfully hungry, doesn't he!!!!

Well, I'll report back next week for anyone who is interested, but if you do have any hints or tips for an allotment, please, please let me know!!  All information will be very much appreciated!!


  1. Wow you have been busy. Managed to get into the garden myself today and do a bit of digging. Have sunflower seeds to sow this year and must get them into the ground. Weather is not looking good for the next few days but hope it will hold off long enough to get them planted.
    Hugs Mrs A. (Miss April)

  2. That pigeon does look huge - hope he doesn't do too much damage to your crops. Your hard work certainly shows, well hoed! Joy xx

  3. Those beetroot look great, so impressed with your work and looking forward to watching everything grow. x


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