Thursday, 27 September 2012


It is passing far to fast for my liking, yet again!! Off to drop another son at uni this weekend...the house is starting to feel far too big now.  Maybe it's time for a move, or maybe when everyone comes back at Christmas, I'll be asking for a bigger property!!!!

The past few weeks have been a bit grim. Everything expensive seems to be breaking down....two cars and the central heating boiler, which means no hot water or heating for 5 days until it can be fixed.  Showers at other peoples houses are not quite the same, although I'm extremely lucky to have such good friends who allow me to wash off my hair colour (its purple, I may add!!) in their lovely clean white bathrooms!!  Even though these costly repairs are being sorted, and I keep dropping things (poached salmon tonight, all over the floor :( very smelly to clean up), getting 'het up' just seems to make things worse.  So, as at the end of my last post....

I'll just have to keep on smiling through this bad patch, and look forward to things going back to an even keel......


  1. you are right, Debi, getting het up just makes things worse, just try to see the funny side of things - even though its not easy when so much seems to be going wrong. And instead of missing the uni students, make the most of the peace and quiet, they'll soon be back. x x

  2. Thanks Joy!! And you're right, they will be back with a vengeance for Christmas dinner!!! I'm now trying to get back to my photography, and join in on AKCB for October!!


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