Friday, 12 October 2012


A walk in the woods sort of day.....

but yet again, I had no life in my camera batteries.....why do I always do this????? It's soo frustrating....I didn't even have a back up hubby with a phone to help me out this time, just a very wet and muddy and stinking dog!!!!   

So here is a picture from yesterday, my walk across the fields, with my dog disappearing into the sugar beet!!! 


  1. Gostei muito, clique criativo! Um abra├žo!

  2. Hello nice to reconnect with you again - thanks for dropping in. Love the photo. I bet your dog did not look as white as when he went out (or she?)

  3. Ha Ha Chrissy!! You bet right!! Still, a quick shower and it was all fine!! She cleans up quite well for a 'white'dog!! :)


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