Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blogtober 20


In conjunction with Blogtoberfest, I have also joined in a prize give-away here   Lots of people have joined in, and I think I am one of the last!!!!

I have eventually got my Freebie ready, after finding a quiet afternoon hiding away from the awful rain we have had!    SOOOOO, HERE IT IS!!!!

This is a handmade padded notebook cover, just waiting for whoever wins it to let me know what they would like written on the your name, or My Notebook, etc....  

This is how the inside looks....there is a space for you to slide bits in, like tickets etc....

and this is the space on the front for your personal data!!!

All you need to do is  write a small comment on here  (and if you fancy pressing the 'follow' button, that'd be good  :) but no worries if not, you'll still be in with a chance to win!!!  )...and I will put all names in a hat and ask my friend/family member to pick one out to be the winner!!!   I will then contact you via your blog and ask for details if that's OK with you?   I am presuming that the hat will only have a few names in it, so you'd be in with a good chance!!! 

Even if you don't want to enter, it would be good to see you here!!! I enjoy reading comments, good or bad!!!

Opps, nearly forgot....the last day to add your comments etc will be 1st NOVEMBER !!! I will then display the winner on 5th November, just before we let off the fireworks!!!!


  1. you're doing so well blogging every day debi, has it got easier as the weeks go on?
    i love the notebook colour and green is my favourite colour. ;o)
    as for what to write on the front perhaps - mum's notebook keep out!!!
    or not rachel or tomas' notebook!
    not sure either would work so maybe just "my designs and ideas"

  2. What a lovely book cover! you are a clever and busy little chicken indeed! I'm a newby follower and found you through Greenday. Nice to meet you, I've enjoyed having a nosey through your blog! I think if I won I'd use it as a "Dreams and Schemes" can never have too many of those! :)

  3. Oooh Debi, please put my name in your hat, I would love to win, this would be my next "5 positive things each day" book, my current one is almost full.

  4. I'm a new follower!
    What a lovely notebook cover - and in my favourite colour as well!

  5. that's beautiful. I don't know what I would have on the front.

  6. Already Following :-)
    This would be a fab little gift for my daughter for her Birthday in December xx

  7. i love notebooks... I'd have 'Not Mike's' on the front since he's always nicking paper from me.
    PS. I thought I was already following you but seemingly not:)

  8. OOOH! As a stationary and material addict this is right up my street!!!

    I shall be following you too :)

  9. How wonderful. Thank you for the lovely comment on my little blog. So nice to meet more crafty blogging people! (Hi Shirazz my real life bestie! x)

  10. Ah how on earth did I miss this - brilliant. Looks lovely too. xx

    1. Love the colours on the fabric on this book, would be extremely useful. I am a follower already! X


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