Sunday, 7 October 2012

Blogtoberfest 7th

Well, here we are, October 7th.....I went for a lovely long walk in the woods today, with my camera in tow....but when I turned it on, I had NO charge in my batteries!!!  How disappointed I was :(    I was able to use Mr M's phone camera, which is actually very good, but I really like to use my own camera.....  

Still, I suppose the woods will still be there next week when my camera batteries  have charged, and maybe the colours will have changed a bit is still very Green for October, but at least I can use the pictures I did take with the phone for the Green Day Friday at

Anyhow, as the weather is still very good, with no rain and just a slight chill in the air,  and so I am not very  surprised to still see two lovely and very bold sunflowers  in my garden!!!  

I'll leave you now, with a few pics of the sunflowers, and will follow with the 'woody' pictures tomorrow!! 

Good weekend to you all......

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