Sunday, 16 December 2012

Green Day Friday

Green Day Friday.... 

Linking up with for this Friday was still quite frosty when I managed to get out (slowly walking with my dog after having plasters removed......but still with stupid support stocking!!!)....but a lovely walk it was!  Amazing how much you miss getting out and about, and I was only stuck for 1 week!! Think I'd go completely MAD if it was any longer!! :)

Still frosty, but the sun is doing a good job melting the ice....
 Lighthouse with the camera on top of a fence....the white is ice!!
 This is the shadow from the lighthouse....about 8.50am...
 Horses waiting to be fed....he'll be there in  a min!!
 Sunshine!!! Soo nice to see after the wind and rain!!
 Freezing puddles....
 Birds (starlings) keeping warm on the wire!!
And lastly, another frozen puddle!!

Well, it was a good time for hot tea and toast!! :)


  1. So..cold..I can see and felt it..what a frozy day;)
    by the way.. your place is so beautiful.
    that lighthouse..amazing
    nice pictures
    have a nice week

  2. Muito lindas tuas fotos! Desejo que tua semana seja linda! beijos,chica

  3. LOVE the birds on a wire photo. ♥

  4. Me and my son James love going for walks on frosty morning to crunch along the grass and smash up the frozen puddles! Weve had so little frost still keeps just raining an raining! Great pic of the birds..the starling are swarming here on the farm too, I love how they all group together. Thanks for your lovely comments over at my blog :)

  5. looks quite crispy there! that ice walkway, especially!

  6. Looks a lovely morning for a walk, glad you are on the move again, take it easy though.

  7. Pleased to see you up and about, I love frosty mornings like that. xx

  8. That looks like it was a lovely walk, so crisp and fresh looking. It must have been wonderul. :)


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