Sunday, 30 December 2012

Walking off the Christmas goodies.....

Like most people I know, I have enjoyed far too much Christmas cheer....chocolates, mince pies, turkey, sweets, and plenty of fizzy and red wine to wash it all down with!!  But I wouldn't have it any other way...I do enjoy my food and drink, and try to balance it out by walking the dog..(well, that's what I tell myself anyway!!)

Well today,  me and a friend went to Horsey beach to see the seal pups....they are soo cute!!  It was lucky that it wasn't raining, but the wind was wicked!!  Some pics came out a bit blurry, as the wind kept pushing me around, but here are the best ones I managed to get.....

 Apparently when they are 'flapping' their flippers, it means they are hot!! Wish I had been warmer....

 This fella below is almost ready to go to sea for the first time....the wardens at Horsey say that the mother feeds them for about the first 3 weeks, and then when they have shed their fur they go to sea to feed....obviously when the start feeling hungry!!
 The white pups are the youngest ones..

 Oh, and this seagull must be waiting for fish to come in.!!!
And turning around from the seals, a lovely view, but a shame the weather is too grey to appreciate it!
 Also, quite a bit of flooding in the low fields!!
I have found a link here that has some lovely pictures on it if you're interested....

Well, we had a lovely walk (albiet quite cold!) and when we returned to the car, our kids had hot chocolate, and we had nice hot tea, along with some home made Christmas cake (made by my friend, and lovely it was too!) and some mince pies,  (but shop brought ones from me, lazy I know...)

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year, and I'm off to London tomorrow for some fireworks!!! If I get any good shots, I'll report back....OOhh, and forgot to mention about the Cracker Swap I joined in before Christmas via Tracey at so I also have to show you the wonderful Cracker I received from Marina at   It had such lovely goodies in it, and I have already used the material to make a small 'food' gift bag!  I'll show you the contents soon! :)


  1. wow! those seals are amazing! so cute!

  2. Happy New Year Debi, hope you enjoy the fireworks xx
    Joy xx

  3. Fabulous images - Have a great New Year

  4. Wow.. beautiful seal puppies..they are so cute!
    I have never ever seen them in mylife
    Wishing you a Happy New Year
    best wishes and have a nice new days of the year
    BTW how's your leg now?
    warmly hug

  5. Sorry i mean Debi instead of slippery fingers sometimes on keyboard ;)


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