Friday, 11 January 2013

Green Day Friday, 

Linked in with, as there is not a lot of 'green' around here at the moment,  here is a picture from France in October near my brother's house.....

Wish I was there now, I bet the weather is better than here!!    And if you fancy joining in my freebie give-away, just go to my last post, and add you name!!  Happy Green Day Friday!! :) 


  1. We haven't got much greenery here either, this is a lovely shot. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. A very pretty place, love the greenery! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Lovely looking location, bet it looks stunning in the sun.

  4. Um lugar cercado de verdes. Lindo demais. Abraços

  5. Lovely photo Busy Little Chicken
    and I see you are living up to your name
    as I just read your post about the giveaway
    and how time has passed so quickly!!!
    It's the same here I seem to always be running and racing!

    Have a lovely weekend and get some "me" time if you can.

    Thanks for linking up
    it is always lovely to have you here.

    Fiona x

  6. Beautiful bridge and river, very nice photo.
    I have entered already in your give away ;)
    I have mine right at this moment,might be you could join too ;)

  7. Fantástica foto! A luz a incidir no rio é belíssima com o verde das árvores a contrastar. Adorei. Bjs Ailime

  8. Lucky you to be in France, just 2 months ago! Hope we'll get to see more of that! By the way, love the red and white tower (the right name escapes me now!) in your left sidebar!

    1. hiya, hopefully I'll get back to France later in the year! And the 'red and white tower' is the lighthouse that is within walking distance from me!! Thanks for popping by :)


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