Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Just a few snow pictures....

It took a while to get here, but it eventually arrived and we had 3 'snow' days off!!

This was last Tuesday night.....
And we woke up to this last Wednesday....

and it wasn't too bad on Thursday, the school was open, but then overnight this came....
the first picture is from my bathroom window, it was very cold out as the wind was coming from the East...
 but we still managed a dog walk...
 albiet a quick one!!
And it stayed all weekend, through to Monday!!! 
 Not overly impressed at this point!!

 The sky never changed all weekend....

But although it was fun, I'm actually really glad it is on its way out now, and I'm watching it thaw, slowly but surly..... now my thoughts are turning to Spring......perhaps a bit too prematurely ???


  1. Ours was thawing away nicely yesterday, then this morning we had some more. But now its stopped and its slowly thawing again, so really hoping thats the last we'll see of it. I've got tomato seedlings on my studio windowsill. Too early, do you think?
    Joy xx

    1. oooohh, I was thinking about planting some but it's far too cold on my windowsills at the moment!! Roll on warmer weather!! :)

  2. Brilliant photos - still got ice and snow here - going to try and drive my car out tomorrow - that should be fun!

    1. Hopfully your roads will be clear enough!! Ours are completely clear, even the lanes are thawed!!Take care xx

  3. A lovely selection of photos, I've still not seen any :(

  4. At the moment we seem to be getting more, not even been out in it much but I am ready to it and go and yes please bring on Spring.

  5. The ice and snow may be disruptive, but doesn't it make for a pretty scene?

    1. Indeed it does Bella Bea!! But I'd still like to see it go....I need to get out in the garden!! :)

  6. Hello Debi,
    sorry for being late, just thought to visit you today ;).
    wow... beautiful your white area. love those photos you have captured.
    The school so amazing building as well the lighthouse
    Debi, thanks so much for dearly comments, I 've almost forgot,the letters on the cushion was fabric stencil. Thanks for remain me. further I will make the tutorial for it,such an easy pissy;)
    have a nice winter days my friend
    stay warm

    1. Will look out for the tutorial Ayu, thank you! :)


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