Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nearly time....

to post off the Give Away that I promised to do in January, and then postponed it to 10th February!!  This time I am ready.....all packed up and just waiting for a name and address!  Names will be picked out of a hat by my son, and at the moment I have 17 names added, so not too many!! If you fancy joining in, just add your name/comment on here and I'll add you to the list! I will display the winner on my blog, and will ask for the winner to email me their details when they have time!

Here are a few bits, ready to be wrapped..
and almost ready to post!!
Back to today....I have been catching up with a lot of blogs out there, and I end up reading/commenting on far too many...I just wish I had more time, but general life takes over and I have way too many things I should be doing, but it's really nice to have the house to myself and just sit and read what everyone else is getting up to....and very interesting you all are!!  If any one would like to have a pen-pal, take a look here at Evelyn-May's blog for all the details, and join in by the end of this week (8th Feb I think) if you fancy it!!

Also I have joined an Easter swap via Joy at Daisy Row here and have been paired up with Amanda who's blog is here

I can't wait to gather some lovely bits together and send them out to the sunshine!! 

And talking of sunshine, I have some here today!!!

Shame about the clouds that are coming over though!!


  1. The giveaway looks fab Debi, I'm sure I put my name down for it :)

  2. The giveaway looks great, I've love to be added :) I have a pen-pal and it's really nice having a letter land on the mat that isn't a bill.

  3. Lovely photo - like the way the clouds finish just below the church tops

  4. Hi Debi - lovely to have found your blog from your comment on mine and I will look forward to catching up on your previous ones! .... and what a time to join you, yes please add my name to your give-away! xx

  5. Wow sun send some down here. Thanks re the pen pal link, look forward to joining in with that. x

  6. uoooh! I do love a giveaway Debi,please add my name to it. Many thanks for the mention here.....I've already got a few ideas of what to add to your swap parcel ....a little of this and of that .....so sorry I can't tell you anymore :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. ok just checked and I am following your blog and thanks for connecting up to mine too

      A xx

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment today xxx much love

  8. that last view is a pretty one. good luck w/ your giveaway.

    i totally know about following/reading too many blogs! i spend my days at the computer!

  9. Hi Debi,

    Here I am, sorry for my late,I have tried to catch friend's posts, as Theresa said above ;)

    wow..so many gift, Hardly to wait who are the winner, Hope I am in ;)
    good luck for me ;)
    have a good day Debi

  10. Hello Debi, would love to be in you give away!! I have the day off work today and am already reading through lots of blogs...it is so addictive but very inspiring! What a wonderful world the blogging world is! Have a lovely weekend! Karen x


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