Thursday, 25 April 2013

As I was saying....

In my last post....

Here are the wooden paths (made from cutting up the side of an old shed!!) and the black plastic used as an attempt at weed control...

 And here are the 3 rows of spuds, and the row of spring onions are to the right of them...
And last but not least, the 2 rows of red onion sets, and a row of carrots!!

All I need now is some rain!! It has been very dry here at the moment, and my water butt is running low, but hopefully the rain will come at night!!   I have courgette plants to put in but at the moment there is still a risk of frost, so I shall leave it for a few more days.  Also, I'm waiting for my broccoli seeds to emerge in the seed tray, and beetroot and sweet corn, so hopefully my allotment will have a bit more life this year!!
Bring it on!!!  :)


  1. Hello Debi,
    You've been busy! There 's nothing better than homegrown veg I say! I used to love helping my Dad in the veg patch when I was a child and digging spuds up was a fascinating experience for me. You just don't know how many you are going to turf up each time. In fact my sister and I used to squabble about whose turn it was to dig up the spuds wouldn't do that now.....lose were the days ! LOL!
    Many thanks for popping into my blog. In answer to your question I have been to Australia, twice now, to visit my sister and stayed at the motel. Its really a great motel and excellent for people travelling the long distances they travel over there because its right smack in the middle of the Oxley Highway,the half way mark between lots of the big cities.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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