Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's that time of year again!!!

Fresh Start!!

Well, as the heading suggests, it's time for the allotment planting to begin!!  It has been very well ploughed over for a small fee, but well worth it!! It's just ready to start raking over, digging in a bit of 'good stuff', and off we go!!
This is the view from the top most part, and where, hopefully, I will be planting sweetcorn....
              This is the view from the bottom end, the stick being my boundary!!
I managed to get an old bench down, because it would be nice to have somewhere to sit, and drink tea, as last year, all I had was a plastic pallet!!! (May 8th 2012!)

Any hoo... With the help of my big sister who was over for a visit, (bit of a bus man's holiday for her, but thanks for your help!!) I decided to separate the plot into manageable sections, so we made some paths...

                             And we also managed to get in 4 rows of spuds..
                                                And 4 rows of broad beans!!
At the weekend, I also managed to drag down OH and youngest son for a bit more help, and we got in another 3 rows of spuds, 2 rows of red onion sets, a row of spring onions and carrots!! Also put down some black plastic to try and stop the weeds this year!! (well, it's worth a try!!) and some wooden paths that can be moved as and when I need to follow, as the sun is out and I must go and hang out washing!!




  1. Wow you have been busy - muscles like Popeyes

  2. Hahaha Chrissy, more like a bad back and aching limbs!! But not a bad way of keeping fit really!!

  3. Wow that is looking really good, feel very jealous. Looking forward to watching everything grow. x

  4. Brilliant Debi, I'm very envious, however, having spent most of yesterday working in the garden and being knackered today, I suppose I have to concede that I wouldn't be up to managing anything the size of your allotment. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours later in the year.
    Joy xx

  5. Wow, you have been living up to your name. It is amazing to think this plot will be transformed in a few month's time. I can't wait to see it.

  6. your welcome little sis! hows things now any sign of growth yet?? :) xx

    1. Oooh, yes....will post some more pics soon....just to say, the spuds are just about are the broad beans!! I'll need you back here soon!! hee hee :)

    2. :D ha ha!! well just saw your update . . that table is very good what a good recycling idea well done!! it looks great :) xx


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