Thursday, 11 April 2013


Fed up with this so called 'Spring'......had one warmish day (well, the sun was out!!), and I got carried away planting some seeds......These were planted on 5th March....tomatoes courgettes,  pumpkin, sweetcorn, and some China Asters....

 Then, a few weeks later, this happened.....
Unbelievable!!!! In the realms of' 'you couldn't make it up!!' And the cold stayed with us, but the worse thing is, we ran out of oil, and had 10 days of no heating and hot water....all over Easter....luckily, we do have two coal fires, and they were just kept going most of the time...

Whilst stuck indoors, I did manage to make up the pickled onions that had been sitting on my worktop....

Needless to say, the red wine was medicinal....well, you have to keep warm....needs must etc..... :)


  1. Sorry to hear you had a heating-free Easter. I've got loads of seedlings going in my conservatory, and my raised beds are almost ready. We've had above freezing temps for two whole days now, keeping fingers and toes crossed.
    Well done for pickling your onions, and yes, red wine is essential for keeping the spirits up :-)
    Joy xx

  2. Crazy isn't it? I actually put some seeds in the open soil today - probably not worth doing as they will freeze to death or rot in the now rain and wind - but hey ho gotta do it some day.

  3. Homemade pickled onions are the best x

  4. It is horrid when the pesky oil runs out. It happened to us one Christmas. I think the recent cold (and biting winds) were probably the worse time it could happen. At least you don't have a modern house without fireplaces.

    Stay warm and when summer comes, we can all celebrate.

  5. The weather is driving me nuts, I love spring and I am so ready for it.

  6. You have been busy, glad to see your seedlings coming along so well. x

  7. Hello Debi

    Sorry to hear you've had a cold Easter inside and out. Very good job you do have two coal fires though and of course a glass or two of rioja red is always permissible in the circumstances.
    Its got to get better now though...the weather that is.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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