Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy Times...

The first weekend of September.....up to Manchester to take 'stuff' up to eldest's new flat for his last year of Uni......middle son at Reading, stuff already taken....long drive back through beautiful scenery...
I didn't manage to take many photo' a bit bleak (as you can see) and everything was a bit of a rush (as per normal!!)  Anyhoo, the weekend after we took youngest to London to have a go on a flight simulator for an A380.  We went by train, and then took the cable car across the Thames....I can highly  recommend this, and it is not expensive either (especially with an Oyster or travel card!)

As you can see, the weather was still a bit bleak, but we still had a fairly good view, and it didn't rain all day!!
Flight simulator was fun....
and after landing in Dubai and Heathrow airports several times, and a few mischievous barrel rolls,  we then  took a boat up the Thames.....

   Train back to Hotel for the night to catch up, then headed home and back to reality!! All in all, a top fun and busy weekend!!


  1. Sounds a busy but great time had by all. I didn't realise there was a cable car across the Thames!! x

    1. Yes, it's great...if you're up this way, give it a go..the views are fabulous!!! Still wish I could do that camera course though!! :)

  2. those murky skies look awesome to me, here in very hot, very dry texas!

    1. Oooohhhhh, your just saying that!!! Do you have good storms there? Would love to know..I love watching the weather, and I really love storms!! :)


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