Friday, 13 September 2013

Last Swim.....

 Last Sunday.....

An exceptionally unexpected warm day prompted a long dog walk, followed by a quick swim in the sea......and very quick it was for me!!  The outside temperature was perfect, but the water has now lost what little warmth it had over the summer (I managed to get in twice...yes TWICE!!! over the summer, and not just a quick dip, but for a good play in the waves and some swimming!)   I have come to the conclusion that summer is now officially over as far as swimming is concerned!!  Looking back over my photos, it has been a good summer overall....these are just a few beach/sea pics that I really like, some walk-able, some a 5 minute drive.....

I have also been looking at the tree at the end of my garden, as on Monday and Tuesday, we had really bad rain and wind and a lot of the leaves have been strewn across the lawn, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of it every day, or once a week, to see the changes that are so often ignored until the leaves have all here are the first ones....

Sorry about the poor quality, but the wind and rain on Monday and Tuesday were awful!!  I think I will just do a weekly picture, as I can't notice much difference!!


  1. The light on the water looks wonderful, thanks for stopping by my Blog that would be great if you joined in on the Scavenger hunt, I was just looking at the list and thinking I better get a move on. Greenthumb.

  2. Just catching up with every one. Your photos taken on the beach are lovely especially of the water. The tree looks massive to me and the leaves must take a great deal of time raking up. Rather you than me!! Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Hi there
    The water does look rather chilly......I'm a right coward for cold water. Sr P keeps swimming here well into November I normally paddle then. However I must say we are having some really murky weather at present and as swimming is still possible I hope we get to the beach on Sunday.
    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. You did well to get in twice I only managed once and that was very quick - middle of july it was freezing. xx


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