Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Festivities Begin.....

This is the earliest I have ever brought a Christmas tree!!  On Saturday, there was a Christmas Tree Charity sale at a school not far from us, so we went to take a look,  and I couldn't resist buying one.  Only problem is I have to keep it in the back garden in water, as it would soon die if I bring it in too early due to the heat...so here is a picture of it in waiting...

The advent calender is now in use...and very yummy I am told....
And these Christmas stockings, knitted by my Mum a few years ago are still in use, and waiting to be hung up on the tree, or over the fire place...

And it is only the 3rd December!!!


  1. Mmm Lindt my favourite, (well one of them lol) love those knitted stockings so cute. Look forward to seeing the tree up. xx

    1. Wish the calender was mine, it's my son's, but I do love Lindt choccy!!

  2. It's surprising how fast the month can go!
    Love from Mum

  3. Those little stockings are so cute.

  4. Hooray! Christmas its almost here. Look forward to see pictures of your decorated tree x

  5. What sweet little stockings, your mom was a busy knitter. We will only be getting our tree next week, so have to wait impatiently;)

  6. Love the wee little stockings! :) And hope to see your Xmas tree all done up soon yay!


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