Friday, 29 November 2013

Just walking the dog.....

Such a  simple pleasure in my life, especially when I am walking with family or friends! Taking time out to admire the beautiful colours around before they all disappear and we are left with bare trees once more.....well today I went on my own, as I'm a bit of a pain to be with when I have a camera with me!!  So let me take you through Bacton Woods......

This is the where I started (there are plenty of starting points, but I like this one!), it's the perfect place to begin and end with seating for tea and biscuits .... see how the sun came out for me??
 walking down hill slightly, and the colours are amazing, shame my camera doesn't do them justice! Ferns are brown and green, golden and orange and brown leaves are everywhere...
 part way through the walk, at the end of the above lane is a HUGE amount of logs where they are having a clear out!!  Wish I could take some home for my fire!!  The smell of these was AMAZING (if you like the smell of freshly cut wood!) wish they had invented 'smell-o-vision really!!
 There were piles both sides of the walk way..

 I gave up trying to count the rings......
 Looking up I noticed an abandoned nest, now covered in leaves..
 and further on an old tree stump covered in golden leaves and a beautiful moss type greenery, which I would love to find out what it is....and whether it flowers in summer....

 Further on, and again looking up, another nest...
 And amazingly, lots of berries still hanging on.....does this mean we are in for a bad winter???
 Halfway round (this is quite a trek you know!!) is this huge oak tree that has been there for many years, and if you see my dog to the right of it, it gives you some idea of exactly how big it is! It sometimes has a swing rope hanging from it in the summer..
 starting to get a bit cloudy now, but the rain does hold off...
 and very soon the sun comes back out to greet me!!
 A beautiful mixture of colours all together..
 on the home front, now, and the wood opens up to farm land on the left...
 nearer the car now, honest...but still beautiful...
 sun still shining through the trees...
 A place to rest weary legs, if you so wish...
Back at the car park now, which has this pretty notice board, such a shame about the ugly grey bin though!!
 Shame my 'kids' are far to old for Santa now.... : (
 And back to the car with one happy dog...she actually looks like she's smiling!!
 Last view of my favourite picnic spot (from the car!)
 And back last flowering pot on my doorstep, but it makes me smile....

Hope you have enjoyed your virtual walk round the woods with me and my dog, and some tea is in order now me thinks!! : )    Oh, as well as starting to make a Cracker for the Christmas swap......(mentioned in my last post here)


  1. Thank you so much for taking us on your walk with you, I really enjoyed it. xx

  2. a beautiful place to enjoy a walk. and a sweet pup to enjoy it with!

    1. Aww, thank you, but she is almost 13 years old!! not so much a pup, a bit like myself!! Hope all is good over there, and your weather is good for the time of year : ) x

  3. I really did enjoy our walk, such a lovely place to go. I also love the smell of cut wood, so can just about imagine the smells too. Thanks for taking me along. :)

  4. fond lot used to call it ye olde oake tree! Remember the time I had to carry Lola back to the car? Eep!

  5. I loved walking with you, it's a beautiful time of year and we love walking in forestry commission spots. Backton wood lookswonderful! Our cocker always has a smile on her face too after a good run around in the woods.


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