Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Swap Update...

A little while ago, I said that I had joined in with Tracy at 
with the Send a Little Love swap.
My swappee was Kimbereley from
and I received her lovely parcel on Friday.. I kept it safe and un-opened until I had time to enjoy it....without anything else going on around me...and it was sooo worth waiting for!!!   Lots of lovely goodies included in this is how it arrived....not opened.. I started to open it but thought I should picture how well it was all wrapped up!!!

                                            Underneath the protected brown wrapper....
      Such a really useful box!! And such a change for me to have pink!!  In a house of all males,
                                        I  rarely have anything pink!! I shall keep this for myself!! 
                                             And look at the inside!! Such fabulous gifts!!
Yummy chocolate bars,which I did intend to eat to myself, but got found out and had to share!! :( 
                                     They were delicious though, thank you Kimbereley!!
And these really cute heart shaped Tart moulds!!  There are 4 of them...I'm gonna try a goats cheese and red onion tart when I can find a recipe....any one got a good one they can let me know?
And these cute mini pegs, heart shaped paperclips, notebook, pen....
 And this lovely cross stitched heart, that Kimberley made her self...very impressed I have to say!!  I'm still struggling with the one that Tracy sent me in the Christmas Cracker swap here  I'm not very good at cross stitch, but I  will persevere and show you all the results!!
There were also some little cards with hearts on (and other pictures) and some really pretty ribbon which will be put to some special use, and a pretty card written to me from are all the items together.....I think I have mentioned them all, there was such a lot!! 

Thank you Kimberley for being such a fabulous swap partner!!! I hope you receive my parcel soon and that you enjoy the contents as much as I have enjoyed yours!!     I did want to send seeds and Norfolk lavender that I had grown, but you're not allowed to send it to NZ, sorry :(... 


  1. really cute gifts - i have to say almonds in chocolate are a favorite.

  2. Wow, what a lovely swap parcel to receive. Joy x x x

  3. I love swaps=it's so fun getting "real mail" in the post. ;) Have a lovely day!!

  4. What lovely presents! I recently received a late Secret Santa gift which was lovely - I'm going to blog about it soon! - and it was great fun to open!

    Thanks for your lovely commenty on my blog. I'm now following you

  5. What super swap gifts, I think this is the first post I can't wait to see what everyone sends xx

    1. Gosh, very unusual for me to blog first!!! Waiting to see every one else's blogs with the swap!! :)

  6. yay - glad a hit! I am onto it (up to date with so much!) already this year.
    Yes we have very very strict quarantine/ things you can bring into the country list!

  7. Looks like you got some lovely things in your blog swap, such a nice thing to do.

  8. You did a great job resisting the temptation to open your parcel straight away. I'm terrible like that.

  9. Super gifts in a super pink tub. Shame you got caught out with the chhoclate and had to share though. hugs Mrs A.


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