Thursday, 27 March 2014

Planting Time....

On 13th March, I decided it was time to sow some seeds indoors.  I only planted a few varieties of tomatoes, and 12 cucumber seeds.....I really didn't expect them to come up soo quickly.....this is about 5 days later.....

And this is today.....(27th March)
 All 12 cucumber plants have come up!!!  I wasn't expecting that, as the packet of seeds only cost me 50p, and I still have some left!!
 The different varieties of tomatoes have also done me proud, with only about 3 seeds not producing anything......
 Not quite sure what I am going to do with all of these yet.....not having much success with the packet of cress I brought though....perhaps I haven't been watering it regularly enough!!  I used to be very good at growing this as well......(at school!!)

I have plenty more seeds to plant up, but will wait until the weather improves in case they all come up at once and I can't put them out because it may be too cold!

If anyone would like to have some seeds sent to them (I think I will have quite a few left over!) let me know and I'll label and post some out!  Mostly veggie/salad seeds I think, and if anyone has some flower seeds left over and would like to do a swap, that'd be good too!! :)


  1. I put some tomato seeds in at around the same time, but they haven't shown at all, yours are doing really well, are they new ones this year? Mine are last years left-overs, so maybe they didn't over winter too well.
    Joy x x

    1. Yes Joy, I did get new ones, some came free with a magazine!! I think that I had a problem last year with old seeds, but also I planted them in the green house when it was probably too cold :)

  2. Looks like you are going to to lots of lovely fresh veggies.


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