Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Planting on...

After feeling a bit pants all weekend ( stupid head cold!) and the weather today being FAB,  I eventually managed to move the cucumbers and tomato plants up to bigger pots....hope they approve and don't die on me!!!

Need to get them moved really as this is my freezer lid!!  Also, I have another 16 tomato plants and 6 cucumbers to move onwards and upwards!!  Not sure what I'm going to do with them all......


  1. Your going to have lots salad veggies, when they all fruit.

  2. guess that's one way to stay out of the ice cream. :)

  3. They are looking nice and healthy. I have loads of seed packets for this year but need to get the soil all turned over first as they go straight into the ground (my kinda gardening) once it has warmed up enough! hugs Mrs A.

  4. Your starter plants are looking good. I also have my garden planted. I am trying starting seeds in used egg shells and then just planting them when ready.

    Hugs Diane


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