Friday, 23 May 2014

Broody Hen Update...

Just over 3 weeks ago, I was given 5 fertile eggs for my VERY broody hen to sit on....
 21 days later, and the first chick appeared....
 The next day, a second one appeared.....

 Mother hen then decided that enough was enough, and came out of the run a day or so later to feed her and her new brood....        

 Keeping a very watchful eye on me taking photos!!
 It was too much for the youngsters, and they soon ran for the cover of 'mum' away from my camera....
 Both hiding under her now, and you can just see the little foot poking out from 'mum'...
Just a few last snap as I walked away, and made sure that they were getting to grips with feeding and drinking....
Although I hope they will learn not to sit in their food soon!!!

Sadly, she never went back to sit on the other 3 eggs, which went cold, although they may not have been fertilised anyway :( 

They are good fun to watch, and I'm not sure what type of hens or cockerels they are yet!!! Time will tell!!


  1. Really Really cute. Adorable pictures.

  2. What a super mum she is, they are so cute x

  3. How lovely!! I bet those chicks have grown since then???

    keep well

    Amanda x

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