Monday, 14 September 2015


Back after a lovely break abroad, and now ready to get back to sewing, photography and general crafting!!  I have come back from my travels with some lovely fabrics and bits and pieces collected on route (I can't resist buying fabric even when on my hols!!)  I have a few bits of drift wood, some shells and a small amount of sea glass from a long way away, and am now thinking of what to do with them!!   

The holes in these shells have been made naturally, I just wish I could have brought more home!

 I really like this 'Apple' fabric, just wish I had an Apple product to make a cover for!

I've only brought a few meters of each one, and I could have brought more if I had enough baggage allowance!!!  Next time (if  I ever save up enough for a next time!!) I will take an empty suitcase with me and indulge!!

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