Saturday, 7 November 2015

What Happened To October?

Oh yeah, life got in the way!!!  I have been so busy with doing things for other people (my choice) that my stuff and nonsense has been put to the side lines yet again!!  I must admit I am very easily distracted (goldfish brain syndrome!!) but now I have added my self to the Christmas Cracker Swap with Tracy at  I have done this a few times before but missed out on last years one, so this year I added my name and am now partnered up with Maria over at   .  I have just popped over and sent an email to her, and so it begins!!  

I am rooting through my fabric stash to find things to make, and then trying to organize some time to myself to shut the door on my so called "craft" room, hide the phone and get on with things!!  I have just brought an overlocker,  and as I have never used one before, I do need some private time to practice!  Anyone have any advice, it would be much appreciated!

As this is a beautiful time of year, I have had the chance to take a walk or two in the woods and to the beach, but unfortunately my poor old doggie is getting a bit old now and can't walk too far, and I have not had my camera with me for a while now, so I here are some pics from last year at the same sort of time .......

This is Dame, collie cross with sheltie....we got her from dogs home in 2002.... (these are all last November pictures!)

Bacton Woods

 View from my front garden...

View from my bathroom window...

A bit of a rough day at the beach (compared to today, anyway!!)

Geese flying overhead..there seem to be more this year though!! (by the noise!)

Local lighthouse...

Well, that's about it from me for now, hope you enjoy these pics of my area and doggie, but now I'm  off to get on with my cracker swap!!    :)


  1. Enjoy your over locker, I haven't used mine for years, in fact I haven't done any sewing for years lol. I look forward to seeing what you make with it. X

    1. Thanks Karen, but when you used it, was it easy?
      Will show on here if I manage to master it!! LOL :)


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