Monday, 21 March 2016

Share Your Country Swap

Country Swap!

Arranged by Kimberley at,  
Or in my case "county" swap!! I  was paired up with Alison from and although she lives in France, she is originally from the UK, so after a couple of emails to each other, I asked if it would be OK to change it a bit to my "county", and she was fine with that!!

Well as per usual, I was a bit slow off the mark, and before I knew it, Alison's  parcel had arrived at my door!!  I contacted Alison, explained that I was "running late", but said that I wouldn't open mine until she had received her parcel from me......ooohhh, I can't tell you how hard that was!!  It was looking at me every day for over 8 days!!  (posting to France always takes over 6-7 days anyway!!)  

Well, eventually she received the parcel (I was getting worried, I have to say!!), and in the evening, I poured a glass of Red wine (as you do!) and attempted to open it up!  Well, all I can say is that Alison, you can really package up a parcel!!  A pair of sharp scissors later, and I was in!  It was soo worth waiting for!  I really enjoyed reading the lovely letter she sent to me, and I will reply soon......actually, maybe that would be a good thing to start to do....."Send A Letter Abroad" swap!!  If anyone is interested let me know, and I'll sort it out!!

Anyhoo....back to the matter in are the pics of the great parcel I the way, I cannot do the handmade picture enough justice with my photos, but believe me, a LOT of work has gone into this!!  It will be framed and hung up on my wall very soon...

I forgot to take a picture of how well packed up this was...sorry, I had waited soo long, excitement got the better of me!!  Anyway.....all these lovely packages, with a letter that I shouldn't open until I had opened that packets...which I obeyed!! :)

There were lovely pegs with birds on, a packet of wooden birds, a pink drawstring pouch (which I will use for my glasses!!)and some lovely French stickers...

This amazing Bread Bag...all the times I have been to France and not seen one!! Very handy, I can tell you!!

A fridge magnet notepad...this will come in very handy and is already on my fridge with 2 pages missing!!

A cute biscuit tray..very handy in our house!!

Yummy French chocolate, and some fabric squares and a lovely nail file!

But the beautiful Zentangle picture is wonderful!  So intricate, I don't think I would have the patience to do this!  My photograph of it doesn't really do it any justice...A new frame for this will be coming soon!!

Thank you Alison for being a very generous swap partner!   I shall now go and eat the chocolate!! :)

(**sorry about the background to the pictures, my ironing board was the only clear space near light!!**)


  1. Oh Debi, your zentangle chicken is fabulous, what a wonderful swap partner Alison has been X

    1. Yep, she has!! I just hope my parcel is OK!! :)

  2. Glad you liked it. I will be blogging about your lovely parcel soon, but I'm lucky enough to be away on two back-to-back holidays so haven't got a lot of time!!

    1. It was really lovely, thank you Alison! Hope you have "two" great holidays, you lucky thing!! :)

  3. She chose such gorgeous pressies for you! Her Zentangles are truly astounding! She did one for me!!!x

    1. It's really lovely, isn't it!! Such patience! Is your one on your blog?


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