Sunday, 28 February 2016

I've Finished!!

It took me a while, as I did lose interest for a bit as life got in the way.....but... TaaDahhh!  I actually managed to finish my quirky skirt!!

Have to admit, I did get a bit confused with the waistband for a bit, but then a Eureka moment happened, and it all fell into place!  As for the zip,....don't go there...

I will admit that I did cheat, and did NOT follow the rules...but it seems to be OK, not as good as it should be, but hey ho, it is a while since I have fitted a zip!!  The over all effect is fine, and I will be quite happy to wear this tomorrow, over leggings or thick tights I hasten to add!!!  I can't possibly let my legs out to the air at the moment.....far too cold out and my legs are far too white!!

Here is the finished skirt, with the hem and the interfacing stitched in to place...something I have not done in a long time!

The first layer of hem, I choose a sort of zig \zag, and then folded that over to do a straight stitch so it will (or should not) fray!

And this is my next challenge....I have brought a skirt from a charity shop, just because I loved the colour, (purple is soo my thing!!) and then found this lace to match although it was a different shade when I got it home (it looked perfect in the shop!!) so I aim to Upcycle it with the above this space!!


  1. Love the skirt and well done you for finishing it. I haven't done any sewing for years. Look forward to seeing what you are going to do with the lace. X

  2. Thanks Karen, I actually wore it today!! :)

  3. Awww and no snapshots of you in your new skirt ??? I think it is lovely I like the colours and the design....smashing!!! I am so bored with plain grey,black,brown skirts with no sparkle to them!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. Ooh, maybe I'll take a shot of me in it with my DM's! :)


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