Thursday, 28 June 2012

The gift unwrapped.....

In my last post, I mentioned about the  500th blog post give-away prize I had won from Joy at, and here it is all unwrapped and on display in my garden!!  This was the best place to take photos, as the light was great!!

Not sure that my picture shows it at it's best, but there were 4 lovely crocheted coasters, two packs of cards (the butterfly cards are very nice!!), a pen (always handy in my house, and yes, I do still have it safe!!), two rolls of pretty decorative tape (and yes Joy, I do like them, and will make good use of them, I promise!!)some Funky Fur magic wool and scarf already made up, a lovely little bone china vase which I immediately made use of as you can see (honeysuckle freshly cut) and to top it off, a really lovely card with a note from Joy!!  So as you can see, a VERY nice gift indeed!!  Thank you Joy, once again!! :) 


  1. What a wonderful win, I have been lucky to receive some of Joys knitting in the past it's just fab!


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