Thursday, 21 June 2012

Latest Allotment update.....

Last Wednesday, and Sunday, I had some help on here.....and very grateful I was to!!  The pictures show the dutiful weeding that needed to be done, but I also (by complete accident!!) pulled up my first crop!!  RADISHES!!!!!

And they tasted REALLY good!!!  Such a shame they didn't make it home, as me, my youngest and OH ate most of them on site!!!   Any way, as I was saying about my help....

       This is my friend helping with the watering, weeding, planting etc....

This lot of weeds weeds will not be attacked yet..

A row of beetroot's, soon to be harvested...

                                                   Second lot of courgettes safely planted...

Two rows of lettuce, transplanted by my friend, (she grew them too!!).  The green bottles are covering a few of them, and we're just gonna see what happens to the rest....slugs, snails, birds, too much rain....???

                   Talking of snails, here's two rather cute specimens.....I rather like the stripy one!!!

                                          Carrots, onions and beetroot's seem to be o.k....

                                        One last overall look before I leave..

Well, since this post, I have yet to get down to the allotment......  school fetes, 18th birthday celebrations to sort out, uni son returning home with LOADS of washing, crockery, cutlery find a home for... I'm sure most of you reading this will understand!!!  

I'll be back soon, with some lovely pics of a surprise 'blog' pressie  I won from Joy at   It was a give-a-way for he 500th blog post!!! (not sure if I'd get to that many posts Joy!!!) A really nice surprise through the post, yet again!!!! A very happy bunny indeed!!!

This is the beginning of the unwrapping...... I'll show you the goodies in my next post as the dishwasher/oven/hoover now beckons.....Hee Hee  :)


  1. Have never had much luck when I transplant lettuce they ll die on me!. Get loads of the stripey snail in our garden yet i thought they were supposed to be quite rare. Your pressies look enticing. Have you unwrapped them all now?
    Hugs Mrs A.
    Thanks fro commenting on my blog.

  2. The allotment looks like hard work, but certainly well worth the effort, your radishes were heaps better than mine grown in a seed tray in the conservatory.
    Joy xx

  3. Wow those radishes look amazing and the rest of the allotment is coming on lovely. I can so relate to the return from uni event - I think I have finally finished sorting all of B's stuff out and finding a home for it!!


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