Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Week away is far too long...

to leave your allotment for........actually, it was over 10 days since I have  been down here....and, my, doesn't it show!!!!!  I am really very embarrassed of how this is looking at the moment....and I'm wondering if anything is actually existing under the weeds apart from the courgettes!!!

Weeds and courgette plants seem to grow happily together...
but WOW!!! I don't appear to have any courgettes any more, just hunking great MARROWS!!!!  NOT what I set out to achieve, I have to admit!!!

A fair few marrows I have, but I can't seem to even GIVE them away, and am having trouble making up recipes for them that sound even vaguely interesting to family members!!! (or to me actually...)

Mind you, looking around, it seems something on the allotment seems to like them!!!

And whatever it is (rabbit, mouse, rat, vole.....) it seems to be enjoying my veg!!!  Well, at least I don't have to make up some interesting recipe for them!!!

On a plus note, the sweet corn seem to be doing O.K, and are easily distinguished from the weeds.....

But to top it all, I am soooooo please that even though my allotment is the weediest one here (and if I'm not careful I'll get complaints, I'm sure...) I still managed to horde myself this fine platter of veggies!!!  Lots of marrows (AKA Courgettes!!!), a few small courgettes, a bag of beetroots,  lettuces in abundance (many of which are still in the ground) onions, some spuds and plenty of French green beans!!!!!

I am yet to find the rest of the onions, pumpkins and see if the carrots have come to anything....but, hey, you know what?  I'm actually quite pleased with myself!!!  Today I made stuffed marrow (using savoury rice, cheese and breadcrumbs) and my own grown potato salad with chives from the garden, and my own lettuce in the salad!!!  Just wait till my tomatoes and peppers get ripe!!!!!!  Next year (if they allow me to keep my allotment!!)  I shall hopefully be more aware of what I should try to accomplish!!!  (Well, we'll see....hee hee!!)

Next time, details of the reason I was absent from the beloved allotment!!!!  :)


  1. Considering the amount of rain we've had, and how little sunshine, I think you've done very well!

  2. Looks like a very tasty haul of veg from your allotment debi, well done x


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