Friday, 11 October 2013


Unfortunately the the wind (gales!!) and rain have stopped me in my tracks as far as going to the woods is concerned, so today I took the dog down to the cliff top to see how things were down there.....the sea was very rough, the wind was howling round me, but I managed to get a few black and white shots, albeit not brilliant ones as the salt kept coating the lens, and the wind would just not let me stay still!!!

Looking forward to seeing the wind disappear soon, so I can try and get to the woods!!  Mind you, not sure that there will be any leaves left on the trees now!!!!


  1. Great b&w shots, it looks incredibly windy, surprised you could stand up in it. x

  2. Fabulous pictures, looks very windy, lets hope for a little sun.

    Hugs Diane

  3. It dose look very wild and wooly.

  4. Stormy black and whites - you surely have an eye for the unusual! This is the blog I should have written from when i thanked you for visiting the Utah landscapes:) Hope there will some leaves left when you get to the woods!

  5. These are fantastic stills. You can feel the weather just by looking at them. Turned bitterly cold here to day too with lots of rain. Defo not a day for venturing out too far. hugs Mrs A.


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