Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Eeek...another two swaps!

Couldn't resist these two swaps, Share Your Country swap  over at and I have been partnered up with and also this stationary swap over at but not sure who I am partnered with yet....

At the moment, I am sorting out my collection of crockery that I have accumulated, and I must get rid of some as it is taking over and I don't have a lot of room left for are some things I am going to have to part with,,

It is a shame, but I only have so much space and I have decided that if they are collecting dust, that means more cleaning work, and also someone else may decide that they can use them for more than just looking at!


  1. they are gorgeous. I have a bunch of them too and do use them occasionally. SOme were my grandparents - but I no longer know which were theirs and which ones I've bought from op shops.

  2. Ah ha! You are paired with me!! Just popped over to have a snoop around and get to now you a little... talk soon


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