Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Send A Little Love Swap

                                                                                                                                                                    A short while ago, I joined in with the above said swap over      and was linked up with Fiona over at

Things had been a bit busy over here at the weekend as we went away Friday afternoon, and although I received Fiona's parcel on 11th Feb, and emailed her to say I had received it, I didn't get a chance to open it up until yesterday evening!!  

After carefully cutting open the envelope, I tipped out the contents, and what a lot there were!!

I opened the card, which had heart shaped confetti inside, and then one by one I opened the lovely red tissue paper around each of the presents, and this was the contents....

Two lovely scented candles (which I will light tonight, as I love candles!) two fabric coasters wrapped in pretty grey ribbon with a flower print...

A packet of pink tassel ribbon and some matchstick flower seeds.....

A lovely leather covered note book, good for gardening notes!! (you can see the confetti in some of these pics!)

Some blue beads and a key ring (I always do try to look on the bright side, so very apt!!)

A pretty heart necklace....I will have to ask what the heart is made of, it is lovely!

Some lovely chocolates (which have been seen and will be shared!!)

And a great piece of "cake" print fabric wrapped in a heart patterned ribbon!!

I am really grateful to Fiona for being a fab swap partner, I just hope my swap pressie was OK.....

Here is a pic of the wrapped things I sent...

Also there was a bookmark in a card on the front of the parcel, but I forgot to photograph this!

Hope those of you who were in this swap had fun sending and receiving !  Over at Tracy's blog, you can add your Send a Little Love swap to the link list here...


  1. Hello! I had a friend drop their son off tonight for a sleep over and being a techy I asked him about the laptop. I now have a mouse again I will endeavour to get blogging soon. :)

  2. PS The heart is hematite, I hope it survives the post OK. It can chip at the most inopportune moments. ;)

    1. It was in perfect condition, probably because you had wrapped it so well!! Thank you, it reminds me of a piece of jewellery that was given to me as a young child which I will now have to find... hope you soon have a working laptop!! Kids are the best at getting 'Techy' things working!!! :)

  3. Lovely swap..beautiful heart. Also love your own gift wraps x

  4. Lovely swap..beautiful heart. Also love your own gift wraps x


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